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Our relationships with Real Estate agents, developers and investors are a vital part of our business. We are proud that so many professionals trust us with their personal investments and client properties.

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Maryland Real Estate Contracting Services

Home Inspection Repairs

After a home is inspected as part of the buying or selling process there are often several items that need to be addressed in order for the lender to approve or negotiation process to be finalized between seller and buyer. We are a trusted resource to many real estate professionals when it comes time to satisfy repair addendums or other un-planned projects that could otherwise kill a real estate deal.

Pest Inspection Repairs

If a property has undergone a pest inspection and determined to have damage that needs to be addressed, we  have all of the resources necessary to quickly repair or replace any area of the home. Termites and other wood eating insects can cause significant damage to floors, walls, ceilings, doors, windows, frames and structural components of a home. We are capable of performing a complete scope of repairs to satisfy a potential buyer that has uncovered an infestation after a home inspection or a seller that is preparing a property for sale.

HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical

The major mechanical systems of a home can be very costly to repair or replace when they near the end of their service life. With the Finney Brothers as your residential contracting partner, servicing, repairing or replacing these systems can be a much less daunting task. Real Estate professionals that trust us with their clients properties are sure they are receiving the best value.

Interior & Exterior Renovations

If an Interior or Exterior renovation project are on your to-do list to increase the value of your property after purchase or prior to sale then a relationship with the Finney Brothers will be a major asset. We are able to plan and execute projects at short notice with a personal touch. We will arrive promptly to assess and prepare a tailored plan to achieve your goals and complete the work in record time with the highest level of professionalism.