Mold Remediation

Water intrusion, excess moisture and the damage it causes can be a frightening reality of home ownership.

Luckily with Finney Brothers, as your families partner in residential construction, mold remediation and restoration isn't as scary as it seems.

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Maryland Mold Remediation

1. Mold Inspection & Damage Assessment

Our inspection team will respond to your call quickly to inspect your home for mold and determine the cause of water intrusion. It is important to first solve the issue causing excess moisture in your home, then contain the mold growth. If there is sever water damage or standing water, our team will extract and dry the area. After the water intrusion is addressed and area dry, removal of any contaminated materials or items can take place.

2. Containment & Damaged Material Removal

Our team is capable of tackling even the largest water damage projects,  but our goal is always to reduce costs of restoration for our customers. After containing the affected areas we will remove any wet porous materials such as drywall and carpet that can contribute to mold growth. 

3. Cleaning & Disinfecting

Most construction, interior finishes and non porous materials can be cleaned and disinfected as part of the the remediation process.  Many of your personal items and furniture may also be cleaned, disinfected and de-odorized. Our team uses environmentally friendly products and top of the line equipment to ensure you get the best value and highest level of protection for your family.

4. Restoration

The benefit of hiring our team does not end in the remediation process. Because we are a licensed home improvement contractor and skilled in all areas of residential construction, we are able to restore your home to be even better than before the damage occurred.


A common cause of water intrusion and mold growth is a damaged or poor quality roof system. As a roof reaches an age beyond its material limits leaks or excessive damage from storms can occur. It is important to make sure your roof system is healthy and address any deficiencies before a major issue arises. The Finney Brothers  are experienced roofing contractors able to perform inspections, leak detection or complete roof system replacement on all types of residential roofs. Check our Roof Repair & Replacement Page for more information.



Other common causes of excess moisture include water intrusion caused by improper drainage around your property, leaking foundation or basement walls, or faulty seals around doors and windows. The Finney Brothers are able to determine the cause of your water intrusion and rectify the situation no matter how complex the underlying issue may be. Check our Waterproofing Page for more information