Residential Solar Power

Solar power is a better investment now more than ever before thanks to modern technology. Homeowners can save thousands of dollars on their electricity bills and even create sustainable power off-grid or incase of power outages.

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Benefits Of Solar Power In Maryland

Monthly Energy Bill Savings

Installing residential solar panels will decrease the cost of your electricity bill significantly. The return on investment of solar power is increasing every year as technology improves. The cost of manufacturing high quality solar panels decreasing 90% in the last 10 years making it easier than ever to power your home with renewable energy. Maryland residents spend 20% more for electricity than the national average. Taking advantage of solar energy potential in Maryland is a no brainer!

Increase The Value Of Your Home

A residential solar panel array is a desirable upgrade to your home. It is proven that buyers will pay on average over $15,000 more for homes that have been outfitted with solar power systems. Residential solar panel systems boost value in the same way as a newly renovated kitchen or bathroom. Solar panels can be installed on your roof or in a custom mounted array on your property. The value of your home could even be increased more than the cost of the system installation depending on market conditions and energy costs in your area!

Tax Credits And Other Incentives

Home owners that install solar power systems before December 31, 2022 are eligible for a 26% Federal Tax credit. Other incentives include a $1,000 grant from Residential Clean Energy Rebate Program (R-CERP) and Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SREC) that vary depending on market value. Homes in Maryland are also exempt from tax increases based on added value from the new solar panel system installation. As a bonus, solar installations are exempt from 6% state sales tax in Maryland.

Clean Energy

Solar energy is good for the environment. The energy potential of the sun is limitless and free. Studies show that renewable energy sources like solar power reduce CO2 emissions created from burning fossil fuels. They can also reduce water usage compared to hydro-electric or nuclear power plants. Reducing our dependency on non-renewable energy sources will help combat greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change. Investing in solar energy for your home is a great step forward in helping to provide a cleaner earth for future generations.

Insurance Against Rising Energy Costs

Rising energy costs are affecting everyone, everywhere. The cost of electricity has risen steadily over the last decade with an average cost increase of about $.20/KwH per year. The cost of electricity will continue to rise meaning powering your home will become more expensive in the future. Alternatively, the cost of solar energy equipment has decreased substantially. That shows us that an investment in solar energy today is one of the most effective ways to combat rising energy costs for the future.

It Just Makes Sense!

After considering all of the benefits of installing a solar energy system in your home it is hard to deny that it should be near the top of your home improvement to-do list. Finney Brothers make it easier than ever when we are performing roof repairs or replacement. Call us today for a home energy efficiency evaluation and estimate to install high quality solar panels and complete charging system for your home in Maryland!