Electric Vehicle Charging

The Finney Brothers care about the environment and energy efficiency. Part of our dedication includes helping you save energy with green building practices and materials. Another is by incorporating solar power and electric vehicle charging station installations for your home or business.

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Electric Vehicle Charging in Maryland

Charging Your Electric Vehicle At Home

Most new electric vehicle owners use a standard 110v outlet or extension cord to charge their car. This is fine if you only plan to charge the car overnight and only drive 30-40 miles per day. This charging method is what is known as “level 1”. Utilizing a 240 volt outlet (like your dryer and some other large appliances) will provide a “level 2” charge for your Tesla or other Electric Vehicle. A level 2 charging system will charge your electric vehicle at roughly double the rate of a 110 volt system.

Level 2 Charging Systems

Installing a level 2 charging system at your home or business will cut down on charge time allowing you to drive further every day. Utilizing a 240 volt system improves the efficiency of the electric current. Level 2 240-volt charging is a must especially for owners with multiple electric vehicles at home. Level 2 chargers can be installed with 3.6kWh or 7.2kWh capacity. 

Promoting Clean Energy At Your Business

Providing electric vehicle charging systems at your place of business or other commercial setting helps to promote  longer customer visits at your location. More visitors will be attracted to your store or restaurant and spend more money over the time of their vehicle charge. An electric vehicle charging station in itself could also make a profitable addition to your location depending on demand in your area.

Professionally Installed

Many electric vehicle owners are unsure what charger style to use at their home. We recommend having a 240 volt circuit and receptacle installed in a location that is convenient for daily use. It is important to consult with a professional installer to make sure that circuit is appropriately sized for your service. Newer home electrical services may be able to support 7.2 kWh charging units while some older homes may not have capacity for increased demand.

Hire a Contractor Who Cares

Unlike some EV charging installers, we have years of experience in all types of construction. Not only are we capable of installing your charging station, we will do it in a a way that compliments your home and improves its functionality. Our customer service promotes care in every detail so that we are there to satisfy you and provide the most value for the project.

Investing in solar power for your home in Maryland can be extremely rewarding. Utilizing green energy to power your home or business feels good and saves you money. If you are also considering buying, or already own an electric vehicle then solar power is a no-brainer. Solar power will increase savings and sustainability of operating your car every day. Finney Brothers specializes in economical roof installed solar arrays that can be installed on your existing roof system. We can also design a custom ground mounted solution to fit your property.