3 Signs Your Hiring A Good Residential Contractor

Hearing from our customers about their experiences with other residential contractors has prompted us to share a short list of things to look for when hiring a residential contractor.

Several of the people we’ve worked for have said things like:
“I wish I would have found you sooner”
or “I can’t believe how bad my last contractor was”

We want everyone to hire a quality, reliable residential contractor weather choosing Finney Brothers is an option or not!

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After confirming that they are licensed and insured, consider these 3 important signs of a good residential contractor.

1. Communication

We all know communication is key. A good contractor should spend time understanding your needs starting with the initial phone call and an in-person evaluation of the job. If a contractor shows poor communication skills prior to hiring them, it will only be worse if an issue arises on the job.

1. Documentation

A professional residential contractor should be fluent with electronic format of documents starting with their proposal. The proposal and service agreement or contract should clearly explain the complete scope of work including any assumptions or exclusions. Documents should be available to share via email and sign electronically using a service such as HelloSign or Docusign if requested. The quality of front end documentation will likely reflect on permitting, inspections, home improvement loans and insurance claims.

1. Marketing

Strong marketing efforts can be an indicator of a high overall performance level. Contractors that invest in the branding and online presence of their company are often more concerned with the customers experience than those that don’t.

If a residential contractor scores positively on these three indicators it’s likely they will also perform well on your project. Finney Brothers works hard every day to ensure all our customers are 100% satisfied.

If we can help make your next home improvement project  a success please contact us!

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