FHA 203K Loan Projects

We are a qualified contractor to perform Maryland 203K loan home improvement projects. When purchasing a home using a FHA 203K type loan, it is important to consider the contractor that will be performing the work.

The Finney Brothers specialize in all types of residential home improvement projects and are experienced in completing the necessary paperwork to make your 203(k) home improvement loan process go smoothly.

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Maryland 203K Loan Projects

What Is An FHA 203K loan?

An FHA Section 203K loan provides a single mortgage to finance the purchase of a home and the cost of renovations. Sometimes called “rehab loans” or “construction loans” FHA 203K loans make it possible for homebuyers to finance a “fixer-upper” or home that is in less than turn-key condition, and then hire a professional contractor to perform repairs or remodeling. Taking advantage of a FHA 203K home loan will allow you to purchase a home with less competition and often move in with thousands of dollars in instant equity.

How It Works

The Federal Housing Authority created the section 203K loan to help provide financing for homes that are less than “turn-key” and would otherwise not qualify for a traditional FHA loan. The homebuyer must submit the application along with proposals for desired repairs or renovations and necessary paperwork from the professional contractor that will be performing the work. The lender verifies work as it is performed and provides payment to the contractor. The FHA 203K loan requires more paperwork and time to close, but it is an excellent option to save money and acquire a home that is newly renovated to meet your needs.

We Will Make The Process Easier For You

We are experienced in the 203K loan process and understand the application requirements and submittal process. All proposals submitted by us will be accurate and detailed to provide information needed for the renovation budget. Not only are our services top quality and our prices fair, we always provide high level communication and documentation to help your 203K loan process go smoothly and deliver a more valuable finished home for you to enjoy.

Successful Track Record

Our team has completed numerous FHA 203K loan funded projects for home owners and buyers just like you! If you are considering purchasing a home that is in need of repairs, we highly suggest you contact us for more information on how we can help you with the 203K renovation process. We guarantee you will be satisfied with all home repairs and renovations completed by the Finney Brothers.

Risk Free - No Cost Estimates

Free consultations and estimates are always part of our residential remodeling services. We are happy to meet you to discuss your needs and make suggestions on how to provide the best value to your home purchase and renovation projects. 

All Types Of Repairs And Renovations

You can finance all types of home repairs and remodeling projects with an FHA 203K home loan. Traditional 203K loans will cover costs to update your kitchen,  bathrooms, appliances, HVAC, carpet, flooring, roofing, paint, siding, windows, landscaping and much more. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and estimate!