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2022 Kitchen Trends (And Should Be Trends)

Welcome To The Best Guide On The Internet For 2022 Kitchen Trends!

We have perused dozens of such articles, from a wide variety of sources, just so you don’t have to.  From Home Depot to Homes &  Gardens, and, it seems like everyone has a compendium of trends, and not all of them agree, which is why this compendium of compendiums is the only article you need to read.

Web search numbers have revealed that the desire for a space that is suitable for cooking, dining, working and socializing was the top concern of those looking for kitchen design ideas,  This means that a truly multifunctional kitchen was the most sought after design feature.  Careful consideration of things like layout, floor plan, and the melding with adjacent rooms will help create this multifunctional space.

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First of all, while still popular, the all-white kitchen trend is cooling off in favor of bold accent colors in cabinets and trim.  Black, or smoky charcoal, is popular again, and can be matched with appliances.  Dark colored kitchens are dominating social media, but rich navy blues and emerald greens are coming on rapidly.  Lighter, natural wood tones are still a hit, but, according to Benjamin Moore, consumers are becoming more adventurous with their color choices.  To ease into this trend, designers recommend a calming light blue, which can make a space seem more open-and-airy.  


Any color and accent choices should be preceded by consideration of one of the hottest new trends we noticed – no upper cabinetry at all.  There were relatively few advocates of such a design, which truly requires a large pantry to succeed.  This is one reason why we don’t expect this trend to become mainstream.  Driven by the urge to purge and simplify, this design is said to be “for the prettiness rather than the practicality.

Going the complete other direction was one of the best renovation ideas that I ran across.  This was the suggestion to eliminate the usual soffit concealing the top of the upper cabinets. In effect extending those upper cabinets upward to reclaim this very usable space.

If neither of these ideas are your cup of tea, according to Pinterest, open shelving, with the display of your pots and pans, will become a trending choice.  Already popular among the celebrity crowd, the thinking is that it adds character to your kitchen.

Lastly, for those looking for a new look on a small budget, Google has reported a 90% increase in searches for brass homeware and lighting, so there’s no doubt this will be the leading material in 2022.  Consider upgrading your cabinet finishes with brass hinges and knobs.

Counter Tops And Backsplashes

Everyone should celebrate the demise of the granite countertop trend.  A must-have throughout the 2000s, granite has been overtaken by lighter, more veined materials.  The hottest new countertop is quartzite, a beautiful (and pricy) favorite that is taking kitchen design by storm.  Granite is speckled or grained, a look you want to avoid, while quartzite is veined. Any veined look, from concrete, to wood, to engineered rock will be right on trend for 2022.

Whether or not you attribute the desire for lighter colored countertops to some sort of Covid cleaning craze, they are here to stay.  Brighter countertops and backsplashes help to give a kitchen a more open feel.

And backsplashes themselves are changing.  No longer satisfied with 4” or 8” backsplashes, designers are now extending these easy-to-clean items to the bottom of the upper cabinets.  Bold or contrasting color backsplashes can add accent to today’s lighter colored countertops.


We were surprised that  few of the many sources we’ve examined stressed the importance of lighting in the kitchen.  Only through carefully thought out lighting design can one hope to achieve that overarching goal of a multifunctional kitchen space, again the top goal for 2022.

Of course, natural light is considered best – so whether your in the design or renovation market, consider adding or enlarging windows, or even adding a skylight if you’re in the right climes.

Designers are recommending a layered approach to kitchen lighting.  Soft, undercabinet lighting for socializing, a more diffuse light over the dining area, and task-oriented spots for cooking work areas.  Linear or track llghting is coming back, with its utility of different types of light for different spaces under the track.

For those renovators looking to make a big bang for their buck, look no further than your kitchen lighting for significant improvements to your kitchen.

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